The Young Black Women in College

capture_2018-10-12-01-01-581Women have always surpassed men on an educational level, but black women have mastered it. The biggest problem is the follow through rate (ie. graduation). So its seems that the black Women is failing and latinos, Asians, White and other races are surpassing us.

Black women will more than likely face two forms of oppression during their college experience: racism and sexism. All while managing their time, school work and/or relationship.

Have you ever been in a room and actually relized you are the ONLY black person in the room. Thats how it is for a black woman at a PWI (Predominate white Institution). She was invited to the same school just as everyone else, but there is the feeling of being an outsider and looked at as if you are invisible.

What are your thoughts? What are some good pointers our young black women can take with them while in college at an HBCU or PWI? Lets Talk!